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Have any Hidalgo fan-fic? Send it here
(full credit will be given), as long as it goes by these rules:

1) ~* No sex.

2) ~* Minimal profanity and violence, (i.e. No beheadings,
blood spurting, disembowelments, etc.)

3) ~* No demonic content. (i.e. witchcraft, possession.)

4) ~* Family friendly stories. (see #2 & #3)

5) ~* No homosexual couples.

6) ~* Has to be G to PG-13.

7) ~* Can be sent in e-mail body or as an attachment
(.txt, .rtf, or .doc preferred please :).

Please include along with it:
Your Name or Handle:
Your E-mail address:
Title of Story:
Author's Notes:
Couples: (if any)
Catagory(s): (Action/Adventure, Romance, Humor,
General, Drama, Mystery)

Thank you :)

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