/ "Hiresco" by, Brittanie Maria Leonard\
"Hiresco" by, Brittanie Maria Leonard

Disclaimer: "Hidalgo" belong to Touchstone and the other owenrs. The Author retains the rights to original characters. No profit is made off of this story.

Author's Notes: Hiresco, a sorrel paint mustang colt,and Hidalgo's colt, is in the possesion of Frank, as a gift from Frank's beloved Hidalgo.

Frank sadly untacked Hidalgo, letting the saddle fall to the ground with a thud. Frank wiped away flowing tears as he hugged and clings to Hidalgo's neck.

Hidalgo almost seemed to hug Frank back, resting his head over Franks shoulder, pulling him into his spotted hide.

Hidalgo slowly backed away and turned, trotting to the herd of mustangs...he stopped one last time and Frank, in tears, muttered, "Let er' Buck."

He watched his trusted "brother" until he could see him no more, then he slowly dragged his feet towards his Native American family and their wagon, he silently threw the tack into it and jumped in himself.

Frank turned at a glimpse of painted hide against the sunset. A lone painted colt stood...then a mighty stallion stood nearby...Hidalgo. He reared and lowered his weight once more to the ground, nudging his colt's hindquarters, motioning for the colt to go to Frank.

Frank had found a new friend.

The colt trotted happily to the strange man, holding his head high and flagging his tail, he reached Frank and rested his head upon his lap...Frank had found a new friend....

And Hiresco, son of Hidalgo, stayed with Frank and grew old on Frank's ranch, and he died there, with Frank, they lived through many dangers and adventures...and they shared a special connection...just like his daddy did with Frank.